Monday, September 26, 2011


At least one person died during the public transport protest in Swaziland it has been confirmed.

Thandi Dlamini, a cleaner at William Pitcher Teacher Training College Manzini, died of her injuries after being hit by a car that was being chased by police on Monday (19 September 2011).

The Dlamini family confirmed the death to the Weekend Observer.

Dlamini’s younger brother Mcebo Dlamini is quoted by the newspaper saying, ‘It is true that our sister passed away after being knocked down by a car in Manzini during the protest action by public transport operators.

‘She had just knocked off from work when the tragic accident occurred. The family was told that she died while looking for transport on her way home.’

The family was in no position to comment further. ‘Unfortunately, the elders are not comfortable with discussing this sad matter yet. Perhaps we can grant an interview after her funeral next week,’ Mcebo Dlamini told the Weekend Observer.

Eyewitnesses told the newspaper that Dlamini was knocked down by a car that was escaping a chase from a police vehicle.

‘She was innocently standing at the college gate when a car from the Swaziland Conference of Churches that was moving at high speed knocked her down to death. The driver of the vehicle was involved in a car chase with a police car when the accident happened,’ the witnessed said.

Dlamini was not part of the protest action; in fact, the newspaper reported she was rushing home to avoid the clashes between police and marchers when the car knocked her down.

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