Tuesday, September 20, 2011


There is confusion over whether people were killed during yesterday’s attack by Swaziland police on striking bus operators in Manzini.

Reports on Facebook early yesterday (19 September 2011) said that one woman had died near the Swaziland National Association of Teachers headquarters in Manzini. By the end of the day reports were circulating that two people had been killed in separate incidents.

Peter Kenworthy’s stiffkitten blog reported that ‘two bus operators’ died after being shot by police.

Today the Swazi Observer reports as follows.


Did child, woman die in Manzini protest?

THERE were reports that a two-month old baby died from inhaling a teargas during the fierce confrontation between police and transport operators yesterday.

It was gathered that the baby died after inhaling tear gas targeted at rowdy operators who intended to block the road next to the Raleigh Fitkin Memorial (RFM) Hospital.

The baby was from the RFM hospital when she met her death carried by her mother.
They were headed home after receiving treatment.

In another incident, a woman believed to be in her 40s was also reported to have died next to William Pitcher Training College gate after she was run over by a car from the Council of Swaziland Churches (CSC), which was driven by a bus conductor.

She was with other people next to the gate waiting for public transport to Manzini. She was reported to have lost both legs in the accident.

An eye witness said the car was driving at a high speed towards the college when the driver lost control of it and it swerved from the road to the people on the bus stop and later landed on its side.

The two occupants of the car, a CSC female employee and the bus conductor were injured and rushed to the RFM hospital after the accident.

Information gathered from sources close to the matter is to the fact that the female CSC employee was driving towards Manzini Central when he came across a police Casper. She allegedly panicked and stopped the car on the road.

The Casper was trying to put out the fire set by the public transport operators, including the conductor she was with.

“The conductors asked her if she was really scared and she responded to the affirmitive. The young man then told her to shift a bit so that he could show her how to escape from police and he sped off towards the college where he ran over the people. The car landed on its left side with the two inside and they escaped with injuries,” said a witness.

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