Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Swaziland Youth Congress (Swayoco)



SWAYOCO, the Youth League of PUDEMO, a Liberation Movement that fights to bring democracy in Swaziland, has been greatly motivated by the actions that various sectors of the Swazi society have engaged in response to the economic crisis that is an extension of the political crisis.

SWAYOCO has always upheld action as the most revolutionary form of addressing our crisis. It is pleasing to note that all the action is directed towards one objective which is removing the oppressive tinkhundla regime from power.

The protest by transport operators in our two major cities goes a long way to show how inefficient and stubborn the tinkhundla regime is. SWAYOCO applauds the revolutionary action that was taken by the transport operators to take to the streets in protest of the heavy fines that are imposed upon them by traffic police who are trying to mobilize funds for the financially broke regime.

SWAYOCO also condemns the brutality upon members of the public by Mswati’s police during the transport operators’ protests. The tinkhundla-led government has looted the country’s resources and it now wants the public to pay for their corrupt and greedy tendencies. Surely this should convince everybody that this regime should go now.

Mswati’s undemocratic regime has also trodden on the future of the country by declaring point blank that only a few of the students who have been admitted at the University of Swaziland (UNISWA) will be granted scholarship. This is the regime’s application of its imposed scholarship policy that has relegated education to a commodity that can only be afforded by the rich.

Ultimately a great number of Swazi citizens have been denied a right to education, yet the king and the royal elites continue to increase their budget in the national coffers.

In view of the current political crisis SWAYOCO has observed that the Youth is heavily affected and therefore they are the ones who need to rise up for their future. That is why we are calling all the Youth of Swaziland to a Youth Day celebration to be commemorated at Msunduza, in Mbabane, on the 1st of October 2011.The Youth shall unite to defend itself against the tinkhundla- created economic crises. On the day of the activity, the Youth shall demand the following:

Unconditional unbanning of all political parties

Unconditional release of all political prisoners and the return of all political exiles;

The creation of decent jobs for young people to contribute to the economic growth of the country.

The Youth must not be intimidated by words or action from the police because the police are serving a corrupt regime and they operate using unjust laws. Every law that has been passed against PUDEMO, SWAYOCO, and any other organization of the People shall be defied from this day onwards. We call upon all the Youth to come in their numbers to defend their future.

SWAYOCO also applauds the revolutionary conduct shown by the representatives of police from all regions of the country to unequivocally reject a draft association constitution which prohibits them from affiliating to any political party or labor unions. The police should continue to display such revolutionary character even in the streets and defy all orders meant to further oppress, harass, and inflict injury on the innocent souls of this country whose only sin is to demand democracy.

SWAYOCO as a youth organization will not allow this diabolic tinkhundla regime to harass and victimize any of the young comrades in the police force who have taken it upon themselves to defy such barbaric and oppressive orders. Police have a right to freedom of association –hence they must demand these rights to be respected and adhered to through the revival of their union.

Comrades from Msunduza location have reported to their organization-SWAYOCO- that the country’s so called queen mother, Ntombi Tfwala, has demanded E50.00 per head from residents of Msunduza as payment of her visit to the community.

The royal family, if it will force residents to pay when they visits their communities, should rather stop forthwith from visiting these communities as these visits are useless and draining the country’s financial coffers. SWAYOCO calls upon all the people of Msunduza not to pay any cent of the said money. We will not allow the parasitic monarch to further rob the Swazi nation in broad daylight. Enough is enough!!!

We hereby call upon all Msunduza residents, young and old to attend the Youth rally this coming Saturday (Ocober 1, 2011) which will be held at Msunduza, Mbabane. Every corner of Msunduza will on this day be turned into a site of struggle. We will crash any provocation from anyone. The Youth shall be on the mountainous Msunduza location until all our demands are met!


Statement released by Swayoco Secretariat

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