Tuesday, September 27, 2011


People’s United Democratic Movement (PUDEMO)


27 September 2011


The president of PUDEMO Mario Masuku will be addressing diplomats in Pretoria on Thursday (29 September 2011). The president was invited to make the key note input on the situation in Swaziland and what can be done.

In his address the president will touch on a number of issues including the continued violation of human rights in Swaziland by the current regime (including the shooting of students and protesters by the Swazi armed forces); the breakdown of the judicial system which has seen lawyers of the country boycotting the courts for eight weeks now; the education crisis which has seen the university and schools delaying opening due to lack of funds; the embarrassing health system which has caught international media, where in the main people living with HIV and AIDS eat cow dung due to lack of food; the rampant corruption in the state which costs the country at least E80m (R80m) per month and what the democratic forces led by PUDEMO are doing to fight and intensify the struggle for democracy.

Also forming part of the input will be the demands of the Swazi people which include the unbanning of political parties, unconditional return of all exiles, unconditional release of all political prisoners and a democratically elected constituent assembly. The president is expected to call on the international community to put diplomatic pressure on Swaziland to democratise.

Also speaking at the event will be senior South African Government official in the office of the presidency.

The forum is organised by the Southern African Liaison Office (SALO).

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