Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Swaziland Democracy Campaign
7 September 2011
SDC prepares for historic launch of a major global boycott campaign against the Swazi regime
Salutations to the fighting masses of Swaziland for the historic turn-out at launching action in Mbabane
Mbabane: Swaziland Democracy Campaign. Monday, the 5th September, 2011 was the launching day for the historic 2nd Global week of action for democracy in Swaziland. It saw thousands of workers and people occupying the streets of Mbabane, the capital city of Swaziland, in a show of strength.
The SDC is a global movement for democracy in Swaziland, with chapters all over the world, led by the Swaziland based chapter, which is the main driver of all our activities.
The SDC as a campaigns arm of the SUDF is proud of the great impact made by the massive turn-out and the growing numbers all over the world showing disgust and anger against a regime whose time has come to an end.
We are further encouraged by the reports coming from all our international chapters who are preparing for their own actions from today until Friday in about 23 cities all over the world. In particular, we take this opportunity to call on all workers and civil society activists to join the marches prepared in all these cities. The SDC website has more details on all that.
We also salute the delegation of South African civil society activists led by COSATU 2nd Deputy President, Zingiswa Losi, making about 45 people inside Swaziland as part of these activities, to honour an invitation by Swazi civil society and trade unions, as part of the Global week moment.
This week is a defining moment for the Swazi people and that opportunity cannot either be missed or misused, we must make the most of it and hit the regime where it matters the most. The SDC is preparing for a major launch of a Comprehensive Global Boycott movement against the Mswati regime and would urge everyone to join the call to boycott everything that has to do with the rogue regime of Nkhanini.
Finally, we wish to announce our several pickets throughout South African to all South African Reserve Bank branches as follows;
The rest of the marches organised jointly by the SDC and COSATU to branches of the South African Reserve Bank shall be held on the 9th September, 2011 at the following branches of the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) as follows: Time: 12h00-14h00.
57 Ntemi Piliso Street
Hoffman Square
8 Dr A B Xuma Street
C/o Cambridge & Union Street
Port Elizabeth
Market Square North Union Street

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