Friday, September 16, 2011


King Mswati III, who the US embassy in Swaziland recently said was ‘not a reader’ and ‘not intellectually well developed’, has once again shown his ignorance of the world. For the second day running he has mislead his subjects in speeches he has made to them about the state of his kingdom.

Yesterday (15 September 2011), King Mswati, the last absolute monarch in sub-Saharan Africa, hit out at the Swazi news media for reporting negatively about the R2.4 billion loan his government begged from neighbouring South Africa.

He told the media in a meeting at the Smart Partnership Dialogue that they should shut up being negative about the loan and should support him.

‘Why do you focus on the bad things if you want to be taken seriously and genuinely? We have the E2.4 billion loan where you were not present when it was being negotiated but you are now writing badly about it. People who are like that are not to be taken seriously. I had hoped we had come here to come up with solutions to the problems we are facing,’ the Times of Swaziland quoted the king saying.

The Times continued, ‘His Majesty said the media has to be professional in its operations by working together with the leadership instead of always looking for the bad that government does.

‘“European countries also have a similar situation like ours but the media there is supportive of their countries. You then wish the media in Swaziland would understand the seriousness of the situation instead of treating it as child’s play,” the King said.’

And that’s where he shows his ignorance, because in fact the European media have been fiercely attacking governments for their mismanagement of their economies which has resulted in huge public expenditure cuts, job losses and salary reductions.

Yesterday, I reported King Mswati showed his profound ignorance of European politics when he told a different meeting at the Smart Partnership that European nations such as Ireland and Greece had not had to implement pay cuts in order to get financial bailouts. The truth was the exact opposite of what King Mswati believed.

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