Tuesday, September 13, 2011


People’s United Democratic Movement (PUDEMO)


13 September 2011



Once again in its desperation to save its already battered image, the Tinkhundla royal regime continue to expose itself as a truly backward and autocratic regime and luckily the vigilant democratic world is watching. With the world still coming trying to come to terms with the state’s use of brutal force on democracy activists during the Global Week of Action, the Prime Minister, Barnabas Dlamini, did the unthinkable, even by Tinkhundla’s warped standards, when he announced that our President has been banned from making public speeches.

Dlamini’s latest stunt is a true reflection of the character of the Tinkhundla system of governance. This is a system that:

· Is far removed from reality. It does not understand that the people demand democracy and are opposed to the oppressive Tinkhundla royal rule.

· Is politically bankrupt on how the country can move forward in light of the economic crisis. It cannot appreciate that the people continue to eagerly listen to what PUDEMO has to say. In fact the people are already establishing parallel power structures that seek to give PUDEMO more political authority to determine how the country moves forward even without control over state power. This means the legitimacy of the present government has hit new lows. This government thrives on lawlessness hence their resolve to the use of force against peaceful democracy activists. This is reason enough why the people shall continue to call for its removal by all means possible.

· Is arrogantly failing to appreciate that PUDEMO enjoys overwhelming support from a majority of our people and that no amount of censorships and banning will stop us from existing and influencing the political discourse of this country.

In its bid to reclaim some pride, the government has been inviting people to its tea parties it calls the Smart Partnership Dialogue, urging everyone to attend because “they have invited the president of South Africa, President Zuma” to be part.

This is only meant to deceive the South African authorities to believe that there is open dialogue in Swaziland and to try and persuade South Africa and the world to relax the calls for democratisation. As PUDEMO we are saying the world must not be fooled by the Mswati regime. The world, in particular the SADC region must begin to act decisively on king Mswati and his regime. No more favours for the dictatorship. No more favours for the corrupt regime.

The desperate attempts by the Swazi regime to destroy our movement will not succeed because PUDEMO ideas have been embraced and live with the people and these ideas cannot just disappear on the whims of the oppressive regime. PUDEMO leaders shall and will continue to address the oppressed masses of our people and call for the removal of Tinkhundla. Conversely, the Idea of Tinkhundla royal rule has run out of space. It must be abandoned.

PUDEMO calls on our people to be united and intensify the struggle for democracy in Swaziland. Our allies and friends of the people of Swaziland in the international community must continue supporting us. Victory is certain.

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