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King Mswati, the absolute monarch of Swaziland, gets little sympathy from readers of one South African website for his plea that his kingdom should be given a financial bailout without having to meet strict financial conditions.

The AFP news agency reported yesterday (14 September 2011) that King Mswati wanted the International Monetary Fund and World Bank to Swaziland like they did Greece and Portugal.

The report that has appeared all over the world continued, ‘“When they [IMF] come to visit us, they do not come in the same spirit and that is a cause for concern,’ he said at the opening of a two-day “dialogue” that the palace is promoting as a step out of its crippling financial crisis.

‘Labour unions that organised five days of anti-government protests last week are boycotting the meeting, and police blocked a small protest by civic and religious groups at the start of Mswati’s “Smart Partnership Dialogue".

‘They accuse Mswati, Africa’s last absolute monarch, of bankrupting the nation with his lavish lifestyle, including 13 wives who each has her own palace.

‘Mswati, who arrived at the meeting in a luxury car, admitted that his country’s economy was “not a good sight to see“.

‘The IMF has refused to grant loans to Swaziland until the government takes steps to rein in spending.’

To read the full AFP report click here.

When the report appeared on the South African-based fin24website, outraged readers rushed to condemn Mswati with their comments. Here are a few of them. Supporters of King Mswati should look away now.

Sean -

He can bail himself out - and this is only the official amounts - probably has millions more stashed...

Mswati has been criticized for his lifestyle, especially by the media. Following criticism of his purchase of luxury cars, including a $500,000 luxury automobile, he banned the photography of his vehicles. According to the former CEO of the Office of the king, the purchases were personally funded and the king of Swaziland earns a high salary as Head of State, has investments within and outside the country and owns an unspecified amount of shares in different companies within Swaziland[citation needed].

According to the Forbes 2009 list of the World's Richest Royals, king Mswati is worth a reported $200 Million USD.[7] This does not include a sum of about $10 Billion USD that his father king Sobhuza II put in trust for the Swazi nation during his reign, in which Mswati III is the trustee.

In January 2004 the Times of Swaziland reported that the king requested his government to spend about $15-million to redecorate three main palaces and build others for each of his 11 wives.[8] The Prime Minister's Office issued a press statement saying the article in the Times of Swaziland was "reckless and untrue" and that the proposal was for the construction of 5 State Houses, not Palaces, and the cost was only E19.9 million.[9] Later that year the go-ahead was given to build five new palaces at a cost of more than $4-million out of public funds.[10]

Blackpride -

Give the money, don't give the money, makes no difference, a lot of the Swazi's already work here and repatriate a lot of the money back to Swaziland anyway. Once the country really goes bonkers more of them will be here feeding off of us.

Sisie -

Mswati - i really would hate to be the one to tell you this but you see Swaziland is not a member of the EU, so get with the program and instead of spending money like it's water and thinking you are a 1st World country give back the money you stole - the money sitting in the Swiss bank in your name, then maybe just maybe your country will have a chance of survival.

lamha vukawe -

Exachery! Let the king sell off some of his assets to aid his failing country. Swaziland is a country where if u plant a stick in the ground, it grows. Swaziland should be exporting foodstuffs...but wait 70% of the population are suffering from Aids ans cannot work. Sobhusa must be cringing in his grave!

Nuck Choris -

Its the african way. Sit on your ass because you are king/leader and rape and pillage until there is nothing left. Then put your hand out as always. Sorry sight indeed, but history repeats.. repeats.. repeats.. itself, especially in Africa. You would think after all these years, at least one African leader (well lets rather say person in charge)would have learnt something and tried a different path. Building is difficult, it takes effort. To break down is easy, and unfortunately in Africa they are experts at that.

Kevin -

He has stolen his countries money. We plead with the Swazi people to pull a Mubarak, Gadaffi move before Mswati pulls an Assad move . GET RID OF THIS LEECH SWAZI people.

gatvol4corru -

F*kin dog! Why must the colonials feed the fat king?

Fred -

The European countries don't have dictators ripping the country off and oppressing their people. This is mainly an African thing with a few wannabees in the Middle East. This is why the IMF just laughs at Mswati's arrogance, and his country suffers through him.

Johan -

Mswati's sorry ass is going to hurt if he has a bail out " greek style "

Jasber -

Tell the lazy swine to go and get a job - South Africa have already given this parasite a huge cash sum - he has never done a days work in his life - he lives off hard working tax payers money - he needs to be given a pick and shovel and put into the fields. What an A hole.

EarthBound -

Start by selling the 13 palaces and luxury vehicles from all wives and use those funds for much needed capital to save Swaziland's economy. South African government should use the bail out money in their own country. Swaziland is not going to repay the loan because they have no financial means to repay it.

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