Thursday, April 14, 2011


Statement from the Swaziland Democracy Campaign

14 April 2011



The leadership of the LCC (Labour Coordinating Council) has decided that in the best interests of its members, the protest action shall be suspended indefinitely.

This should not be taken as a sign of failure, but for what it is: a tactical retreat to re-strategise on the next phase of this mass rolling action.

It should be noted and applauded that the Swazi activists have not conceded defeat. We know that in every war, strategies are defined and redefined according to the prevailing circumstances and in this instance it is necessary to take a step back and take stock of what has happened. We draw our lessons from this and then plot the best way forward.

We in SDC Swaziland wish to express our profound gratitude to:

  1. All our solidarity partners for the messages of solidarity and encouragement sent which have emboldened us more.
  2. The international media for profiling the events and struggles of our country.
  3. The Catholic Church of the Diocese of Manzini for offering sanctuary to activists despite the fact that security forces were camped at the Bishop’s house, Cathedral and Catholic Centre entrances.
  4. Everyone else that has supported us in our plight.

We wish to assure the world that no matter how bad the brutality, repression, suppression and oppression; no matter how long this fight will take; we will persevere. We will win this one come what may.

To the government of Swaziland: WE WILL BE BACK SOONER THAN YOU EXPECT!

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