Saturday, April 30, 2011


A statement from the Swaziland Youth Congress (SWAYOCO), a banned organisation in Swaziland, to mark Workers’ Day – 1 May 2011.



We stand on a shaking ground, maimed by positive signals of political and organizational growth among the motive forces and labour formations in particular.

Our society is infested with global technology euphoria, international capital spiral and desire for economic freedom before political freedom.

The desire to see liberation- true liberation is high among the Swazi people, that said not withstanding the rural masses, who have in their local communities have been engaging on debates on the crisis facing our country.

The organized forces –labour formations and all sectors of the people’s movement have staged a historic spectacle showcasing the contradiction that exist between the oppressors and the exploited masses of Swaziland.

April 12 2011 will always be remembered for many reasons by all Swazis who made their way to Manzini on the week of action. You will swear that we were a country in war , the supremacy and overwhelming authority of the national military forces was enough to smash anyone and everyone if they so wished. People were bashed, displaced and humiliated, we say to those comrades the oppressor might have done all that to discourage and dampen your spirits but to us you are now new sons and daughters who are prepared to fight for your own liberation. It will not help us to dwell much on the past but we need to take and build on the positives outcomes and ensure that we learn from our past experiences. Marches and demonstration should become a part of our lives. History tells us that if people are engaged in a struggle for their own realization and freedom they learn from their action so we need to do the same.

We also welcome the news of the formation of a single federation in the country by our unions. We can only appreciate and hope that we will be supporting genuine and concrete formation. The strength of this formation will be determined by our unity as we move forward but the unity should always be tested on the ground when we implement programs. Leaders should always be on the alert of this international bourgeoisie who will want to dictate terms to the federation because of their money, our agenda of seeing a democratic Swaziland and better working conditions for workers must live on and be realized by every worker. Ideological warfare would be critical at this hour to win the majority to support and advance our struggle in Swaziland.

As we go for our celebration for May Day let us be reminded of the death of a trade unionist, a freedom fighter, a revolutionary, a martyr of our revolution CDE SIHPO JELE. To us this should not just be a celebration but we should make sure that the spear that Cde Sipho left behind a spear to be taken by cadres brave cadres should do so . He indeed wanted to see a free and democratic society and he believed that as united workers we will destroy capitalism and create a free society.

We also welcome the international journalist who have constantly had an interest in our struggle for democracy and have continued to expose the brutality of Mswati’s Regime. They should continue profile our struggle and remember that we remain committed to the total destruction Tinkhunlda.

On the same vein we also welcome the undying and continued support from international allies ANCYL, YCL, COSATU ,SACP and all other solidarity formations we say to you your support is our strength of resistance.

We call upon every youth of Swaziland in all sectors of our society and beyond to revolt against the following:

- Tinkhunlda economic crisis

- Their freedom of association and expression

- We demand the realese of our President Cde Bheki Dlamini and all political prisoners including Cde Zonke Dlamini and Amos Mbedzi who are still kept in Mswati’s jails.

- Demand a democratic Swaziland.

To the oppressor your behavior towards pro democracy people is unwanted and we believe people should demand what they believe is theirs. Our people will demand their liberation and indeed they will defend themselves if the need arises.

A new wine is in the brew, be warned the walls of the all wine skin shall burst open. The young lions are growing old before soon they shall roar and the people will be set free.

Forward to the struggle for liberation forward!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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