Saturday, April 30, 2011


A statement from PUDEMO (a banned organisation in Swaziland) to mark Workers’ Day – 1 May 2011.


Sunday 1May, the workers of the world shall gather in their many designated areas to remember this historically significant day in their history away from the stressful work environment.

Like all workers globally, the working class in Swaziland shall come together to make reflections on this day with regard to their struggles in the work place and under the oppressive tinkhundla regime.

For them this is not a celebration, but a time to take stock and forge a wayforward to the future. A future with complete freedom for the workers and all the oppressed people in Swaziland. This is a day that was gained through the struggles and sacrifices of workers past and present. It must therefore be cherished by all workers.

PUDEMO therefore calls upon all the workers in the country to remain united on this day and beyond. As evidenced in recent struggles, unity is the only tool that will enable the trade union movement make giant strides in their demands from the employer. But most
importantly, unity shall give them the necessary strength and resilience in their common mandate of fighting for social justice and fundamental transformation of the country's political environment.

As you fight for justice in the workplaces, remember the poor and oppressed masses who have no political voice; have no food; who are subjected to poor health services; lack employment; etc.

May the workers take courage knowing that your struggles for the liberation of the people of Swaziland has the full support of the international community that has over the years unreservedly provided solidarity.

We cannot afford to forget that it was on this very day a year ago that one of the working class, Sipho Jele disappeared on his way to be with fellow workers only to emerge dead in the regime's prison cell. May his spirit live long and inspire the workers in their daily

May the workers emerge from this day renewed and vigorously singing the ancient old workers anthem SOLIDARITY FOREVER... and let it reverberate in the air-conditioned offices of the employer and the corridors of power in Swaziland!

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