Saturday, March 5, 2011


The following is a report from the Associated Press news agency, released today (5 March 2011)


Swaziland teachers mobilize against salary freezes

The Associated Press

The leader of a Swaziland teachers union says teachers are mobilizing against the government's call to freeze civil service salaries for the next three years.

Sphiwe Mazibuko, president of the teachers union, said Saturday that teachers are using recent turmoil in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia as momentum for mass mobilization against the government's recent call to cut salaries. Two thousand teachers gathered to discuss means to fight the government, which the union says is to blame for the country's economic collapse.

The union did not say when protests would take place.

Swaziland is an absolute monarchy wrought with corruption. The watchdog group Freedom House reported in January that Swaziland was one of 25 countries to show significant declines in democracy in 2010.

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