Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Readers of this blog in the UK will be very aware of Comic Relief, the BBC inspired charity that strives to create a just world free from poverty. Red Nose Day is on Friday (18 March 2011).

What you might not know is that last year (2010) Comic Relief awarded more than £500,000 (E5.6 million) to the Swaziland Craft Development Project of the Shared Interest Foundation, which trains craft makers in the kingdom.

Andrea Wilkinson, manager of the Foundation, writing on its blog, says, ‘Here at Shared Interest Foundation, we believe that we live in a global community. All of the craft makers and farmers that we work with in Swaziland don’t have a social welfare system, free education or health care, as we do in the UK. We are working to ensure that the craft makers we work with have access to basic human rights, every pound that you donate, helps charities like us, get a step closer to securing this reality for thousands of individuals across Africa.’

Wilkinson was interviewed by Simon Logan on his show broadcast on Monday (14 March 2011) on BBC Radio Newcastle. She talks about the Foundation, what it does and how Comic Relief helps.

To hear the interview, click below.

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