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18 November 2008

On the Arrest of PUDEMO President Cde. Mario Masuku on 15 November 2008 and on the re banning of PUDEMO and its leagues

The PUDEMO External Region Membership condemn with disgust the arrest of the Peoples President Cde. Mario Masuku on the 15 November 2008 and calls for his immediate release. It is our firm belief that this is a desperate attempt by a terrified regime which is hearing the loudly echoing and approaching marching sounds of freedom approaching in the nearest horizon and the loud calls of the People of Swaziland shouting ‘Enough is Enough we demand our democracy now’.

The Peoples United Democratic Movement (PUDEMO) and all its leagues and strategic partners is not intimidated nor fazed by the recent pronouncements by the thick head chief gate keeper Sibusiso Dlamini [the prime minister] who parades as a prime minister and his family affair run injustice system run by a family coalition of the royal page bow Majahenkaba Dlamini masquerading as the attorney general and his emotionally charged and law illiterate wife Mumcy Dlamini who has forever been acting ( due to her incompetence) as the royal director of public persecution. Their intimidatory wailing of more arrests of the Movement’s Cadres does not faze us since the Peoples President declared, we shall fight on!

We call upon all disciplined Cadres of our Movement to stand firm and never denounce their membership in PUDEMO and all its leagues.

We further call upon the Swazi people not to be deceived by the royal regime by branding our Movement and its members as terrorists as we are only fighting for our democratic right to self rule and determination. Who is / are the real terrorist(s)? [King] Mswati .

1. He terrorised the nation and declared war on a defenceless unarmed Swazi nation in his family cattle kraal way back in the 80s’ when he branded Civil Servants as “......people who are SNAACKs (DISGUSTING!!!) while they engaged on a strike action demanding better conditions of service.

2. In the mid 90s’ at his family’s’ cattle kraal he terrorised the people when he declared war by telling “emabutfo” to be “ready for war” against Swazi workers who had engaged on strike action for better working conditions and an alternative political climate in Swaziland.

3. Most recently he terrorised by declaring war on proponents of democratic change, their families, friends, associates the list is endless. By extension had declared war against the whole nation as we are a tightly knit and related nation.

4. Deliberately and by design he allows the Swazi people to be ravaged by poverty, starvation, HIV & AIDS, underdevelopment while he loots millions of Swazi money to deposit in personal bank accounts in the east oversees.

5. He takes his wives on a R45million [6.5 million US dollars] shopping spree overseas with the costs borne by the struggling Swazi people, which continues unabated waste Swazi money on his lavish life style and birthdays annually .

6. He continues to enjoy a three months holiday overseas every end of year spending millions of dollars, while he ‘tries to fool’ the Swazi nation to believing he is in seclusion. On return from holiday continues to bewitch the Swazi nation with his family’s ritual called Incwala. Let the Church and true Man and Women of the living God condemn this.

This behaviour has to be brought to an end now, Mswati is only ‘king’ through the people as he tries to eliminate and subdue the nation through strategic poverty and disease affliction , the nation must collectively stand up and fight for its survival. Let the people of Swaziland remember that no one is immune from this madness.

Lastly, we call upon Regional Bodies like the Southern African Development Community (SADC) and the African Union (AU) to proactively swiftly address through constituting a dialogue process to avert the political situation from boiling over.

Issued by
Vusi Shongwe

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