Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Media Release 11 November 2008

Swaziland Coalition of Concerned Civic Organisations.

Today’s long awaited court hearing on the legality of the Elections and Boundaries Commission was further delayed due to the last minute recusal of Justice Annadale due to the fact that the Chairman of the Elections and Boundaries Commission Chief Gija is the judge’s chief.

While we respect the right of the judge to maintain his integrity, independence and the appearance of independence we are dismayed at the late notice.

The Coalition was aware that he was to be one of the judges for over a month and are disappointed that he only realised this potential conflict of interest now. His last minute recusal is now causing difficulties in forming a proper judicial panel. This morning, with the Coalition’s legal team in place and costs mounting we were told that his replacement Justice Mamba has also recused himself.

Musa Hlophe, the Co-ordinator of the Coalition said ‘We sincerely hope that the Chief Justice makes every effort to find an appropriate judge so that this important case can be heard before a full panel this week.’

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