Saturday, July 2, 2011


Letter to the editor

Swazi News

2 July 2011


In defence of Judge Thomas Masuku


Please publish my email in your esteemed Swazi News, so I too may add my voice in defence of Judge Thomas Masuku, a loyal subject of His Majesty, King Mswati III, and a patriotic Swazi whose unwavering commitment is to work for a better Swaziland.

REALLY, CJ [Chief Justice]? Like all right-thinking Swazis and residents of Swaziland I am in a state of shock over what is happening to Judge Thomas Masuku, a truly patriotic professional and a man of integrity, whose interest is to see his beloved Swaziland having a functioning judiciary.

As a regular reader of The Times of Swaziland and its sister weekend papers, I have always found his reported judgments laced with compassion for his fellowman. So, I share the same sentiments as those expressed by ‘Dlamini’ in yesterday’s (Friday) Times of Swaziland that there’s some self-interest involved in all these flimsy allegations against this outstanding judge. I say ‘flimsy’ because, thanks to The Times of Swaziland’s reproduction of Masuku’s judgement extract, there’s nowhere where Masuku called His Majesty the King ‘fork-tongued’. But the CJ says he did!

The CJ’s actions smell of belly-crawling. Let us also remember, fellow-citizens of Swaziland, that this CJ has been surrounded by controversy since his arrival here in Swaziland. I also wish to remind the CJ of the wisdom of the sages that ‘If you decide to dig a hole for someone, make sure you dig two…"

Thank you, Judge Qinisile Mabuza, for standing up to be counted on the side of truth and justice. I pray and hope that as this man sets out to investigate Judge Thomas Masuku, the Law Society and the Human Rights lawyers will investigate him too.

There’s something phony here. Please expose it and put to pay the pettiness of this tongue-twister. Judge Thomas, you have our prayers. I once again join ‘Dlamini’ in calling out that, "Let us not sit back and watch the judicial system crumble like our economy," for here is the highest official of the judiciary on a self-serving mission. I also pray that the authorities see through this man and shudder at his obvious tactics of keeping his job.

Another Dlamini (L. Dlamini, Mbabane)

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