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28 July 2011

The trade union movement of Swaziland under the banner of the Trade Union Congress of Swaziland-TUCOSWA won at the industrial court against the Swazi regime which sought to ban protests.

The workers represented by human rights Lawyer Thulani Maseko won this case and according to reports from Swaziland: “as we speak thousands of workers are now assembled in five towns across the country to protest undemocratic rule in Swaziland.” says Fundizwi Skhondze the National Organising Secretary of the Federation of Trade Unions.

Among the demands the workers want the cabinet to step down. Prime Minister Sbusiso and his crew have failed to address major issues raised by the workers. Just a few days ago hundreds of people living with HIV AIDS marched to the ministry of health to demand treatment. They demand ARVs and other treatment. Organisers of the march received support from various other organisations.

On the other hand union leaders have cautioned one another against opportunistically using the state radio because of its bias and distorting reporting. Musa Sfundza of the teachers union in the Lubombo region says that when thousands of workers march the regimes media reports only 200; something he says is against the workers.

PUDEMO fully supports these demonstrations and calls for unity among workers. PUDEMO president Mario Masuku and other PUDEMO leaders are expected to join some of the marches in support of the workers.

PUDEMO calls on trade unions and organisations across the world to send messages of support to TUCOSWA.

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