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Mail and Guardian, South Africa

15 July 2011


Royal wife begs rescue from abuse

The 12th wife of Swaziland's King Mswati III is pleading with the South African government to help her to escape house arrest in her royal residence, citing a litany of abuse at the hands of the royal household's security detail.

Nothando Dube, who claims South African citizenship through her father, was restricted to her royal residence in July last year [2010] after a South African newspaper alleged that she had been caught in bed with former justice minister Ndumiso Mamba at Royal Villas Hotel outside Mbabane.

She told the Mail & Guardian that she has not seen or spoken to the king since and that none of the members of the royal family had confronted her about the allegations, which she denies.

Inkhosikati LaDube said the royal security guards told her she was not allowed to see or interact with her family and friends.

"My side of the story was not heard. Ever since that scandal happened, we haven't been talking with this man that I married. Things have been bad and now they are worse. I really, really want out and I can't, he is just not letting me go. It's like I am in prison; I am under 24-hour surveillance," she said.

"My friends and family have been banned from seeing me and I really feel like I don't want to be here any more because I feel like I am in jail. This is not healthy and I can't live like this forever and I see no point of sticking around."

She claims she has endured abusive treatment at the hands of security guards.

"Every time I want to go somewhere the security guards become aggressive with me. It happens about once a week, when I try to go somewhere. They literally hit me, they kick and they punch me. I am not allowed to go anywhere or see anyone. I can't even see a doctor. If I am sick or anything, they have to come to me. My family is not allowed to speak to the king. I am also not allowed to see him. How am I not allowed to see the man that I married?"

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On Tuesday (12 July 2011) the Swazi Shado blog published a report that seems to contradict LaDube’s account. It said that she has been seen in public for the first time in about a year and gave an interview on fashion tips to the Times Sunday, an independent newspaper in Swaziland.

Swazi Shado reports that LaDube was spotted at a fashion show two weeks ago and both Swaziland’s daily newspapers published a photo of her in a pale blue sari.

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