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From Anna Villumsen, Africa Contact

18 July 2011

Zimbabwean Youth: Free Maxwell Dlamini Now

The Youth Assembly of the Zimbabwean organizations National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) demands that the imprisoned youth activist from Swaziland, Maxwell Dlamini, be released from prison now.

In a declaration published on the 14th of July they state that,

“We take this opportunity to demand the immediate release of jailed student leader Maxwell Dlamini, who was arrested by the dictatorial monarchy of King Mswati on the 12th of April this year. We hereby denounce the iron-rule style of Mswati and call upon the people of Swaziland to remain resolute and united and fight until Mswati is toppled.”

Detained and Tortured

Maxwell Dlamini is the president of Swaziland National Union of Students. He was detained, tortured, and forced by Swaziland’s regime to sign a confession saying he was in possession of explosives during the April 12 Swazi Uprising - a movement inspired by similar uprisings in North Africa and The Middle East.

According to the newspaper The Times of Swaziland he was lately denied proper medical attention after suffering a mild stroke in prison. read more here

The support to Maxwell Dlamini from the youth of NCA comes together with a strategy to work with progressive youths from around the region such as Swaziland National Union of Students.

The Free Maxwell Campiagn has already received huge support and has almost 500 fans on facebook from all around the world.

Read the full declaration from NCA National Youth Assembly.

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