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Swazi student leader denied scholarship for being politically active?

Stiffkitten blog August 12, 2012

It would seem that Swazi student leader Maxwell Dlamini is being punished doubly for having actively engaged himself in Swaziland’s democratic movement. Maxwell, a commerce student, was detained and tortured by Swazi police and sat his last exams from prison where he was remanded until February accused of possession of explosives. Now he is in effect being denied the possibility to continue his studies.

“I have been readmitted at the university. The only problem I currently face now is the issue of scholarship. I did apply for government scholarship a month ago and still I haven’t received any correspondence. I have also did make a follow up but still there have been no correspondence,” Maxwell Dlamini told Africa Contact yesterday [August 11].

“What is surprising though is that all those whom I am supposed to be in class with and those I applied with had been successfully given scholarships. It’s pretty bad that lectures are beginning this week while am still unofficial registered as a student because I haven’t yet paid the tuition and book fees.”

Maxwell is set to return to court on Friday the 17th of August in a court case that has failed to produce any concrete evidence against him in over a year.

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