Wednesday, September 23, 2009


The campaign for a free Swaziland is to intensify following the collapse of the trial of Mario Masuku, the president of the banned People’ United Democratic Movement (PUDEMO).

Masuku's trial on a terrorism charge was dramatically halted by High Court Judge Mbutfo Mamba after only five hours on Monday (21 September 2009).

Judge Mamba said the prosecution headed by Swaziland’s Director of Public Prosecutions Mumcy Dlamini presented ‘poor quality of evidence’.

The Joint Swazi Action Campaign Committee called the acquittal a ‘clear victory for the courageous and heroic masses of Swaziland and the world community of freedom fighters and patriots globally’.

In a statement it called for ‘maximum intensification of the struggle’ for freedom in Swaziland.

‘We shall be releasing a determined and sustainable programme of action that demands nothing less than the liberation of the Swazi people and full affirmation of their dignity as a people and not royal subjects and objects of pity.’

The Joint Swazi Action Campaign Committee is to organise a special session with all progressive Swazi forces to tie down an action programme for the next year and beyond.

‘We shall continue to march, picket, expose and isolate [King] Mswati [III] and his cronies. We shall continue to target members of the royal family, wherever they happen to be and ensure that their lives are as miserable and unbearable as those they daily subject the Swazi people to.

‘No member of the royal family must be allowed to study, work or enjoy luxuries anywhere in South Africa or elsewhere.‘We are also working on a programme for the institutionalisation of a serious boycott campaign against the regime, because only by hitting it where it matters the most shall we force it down on its knees. This means hitting the economy that sustains the brutal regime and oil the wheels of oppression, whilst cushioning the greedy appetite of royal extravagance.

It said, ‘We wish to salute Comrade Mario, members of PUDEMO and SWAYOCO [Swaziland Youth Congress], the trade union movement of Swaziland and the whole of Swazi civil society organised under the auspices of the Swaziland United Democratic Front (SUDF) for their resolute struggles and determination to fight on despite the terrifying conditions in the country.’It also praised ‘the world community’ for supporting the Swazi people’s cause.

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