Friday, December 14, 2012


The managing editor of the Times of Swaziland has backed his writer who called battered women ‘bitches’ and said they only had themselves to blame when they were attacked.

At least six human rights organisations in Swaziland had written to the newspaper to demand an apology ‘for this gross lapse in judgment in publishing such hateful views and take positive measures to make sure such a mistake does not happen again’.

Critics said the article by Qalakaliboli Dlamini published in the Times Sunday was inaccurate, incited violence against women and amounted to hate speech.

But, Martin Dlamini, the Times managing editor, writing in his own newspaper today (14 December 2012), dismisses the critics and gives his own justification for publishing the article.

He said the newspaper was against violence.

He added, ‘We also subscribe to the rights of individuals to express their opinions within boundaries that do not encroach on the rights of others.’

Martin Dlamini supported assertions, demonstrated by critics to be factually inaccurate, made by Qalakaliboli Dlamini that women were more likely to beat up men than the other way round. ‘Let us be honest with each other, women are the biggest abusers in the world.’ Qalakaliboli Dlamini wrote in his original article.

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