Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Two South African e-tv television journalists detained by police in Swaziland today (11 April 2102) for covering the protests in the kingdom have been released.

But they have been told they cannot report in Swaziland without the permission of the Swazi Government.

Spokesperson for e-tv, Andy Duffy told journalists, ‘They have been released and their equipment has been returned. They were ordered not to report anything out of Swaziland without a permit.’

He said the two, Tumaole Mohlaodi and cameraman Meshack Dube, would remain in Swaziland pending the outcome of their accreditation application to cover events in Swaziland.

The journalists were stopped at the Oshoek border post between South Africa and Swaziland and escorted to Mbabane, the Swazi capital, where their equipment was confiscated.

The Swaziland Democracy Campaign (SDC) -- a coalition of organisations inside Swaziland – said, ‘We demand freedom of expression and the right for journalists to freely cover the events in Swaziland, so that the world can know that the myth of a peaceful country, unquestioningly accepting royal autocracy in the name of Swazi culture, is a fallacy and lie.’

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