Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Text of a leaflet circulating in Swaziland


APRIL 12 2011 was a significant day in the

continuation of the end of the dictatorial system popularly mislabelled “Tinkhundla”.

Tribalistic Despotic Monarchy

This system of governance, which is in fact nothing but a tribalistic, backward and undemocratic executive monarchy, has been able to creatively destroy the country both economically and politically.

Greed, nepotism, impunity, corruption and lack of vision have seen this country go from being a promising “Pearl of Africa” to a banana kingdom and a pauper-state.

They are mere bystanders and spectators, or at best squatters, in the land where they were born.

A nation of powerless people is a nation of scavengers. In any society in the world prosperity and comfort follow political power. It is those who have power who live well, while the powerless are left to beg for their existence.

In Swaziland this is very clearly the case. The monarchy hogs all political power, therefore it is natural that it will live in luxury, while the rest of the nation works hard but lives on close to nothing. This is a reality in Swaziland, a very harsh one too.

“A nation of powerless people is a nation of scavengers.”

Rewarding Mediocrity

This fall from prosperity is not due to unforeseen circumstances, misfortune, drought or a global economic crisis. Those disasters are as natural to human life as rainy days are to a summer.

An intelligent government prepares for them and survives them. A stupid one walks straight into them without preparation, and this is the Swazi government.

The state of the economy and the rampant disorganisation in this country all boil down to this mediocracy(a system where mediocrity is rewarded) which the monarchy as an institution, together with its bootlicking do-boys and do-girls, is responsible for. This is the reason why there must be a shift in power from the monarchy to the people.

Power Makes a Nation

In Swaziland all power, be it executive, judicial or legislative, currently devolves from the monarchy. People in Swaziland have no power.

The Solution

Our only solution is to make all the people in the country be the ones whom power devolves from. Let

The majority elect their own cabinet, judiciary and legislature and own – and control - the armed forces.

Let the people create and oversee the implementation of state policies. That is the only hope the country has of economic and political prosperity. Let us join together and continue to create this Peoples’ state on the 12th of April by way of protests which should shut down the entire country.


These protests must be concentrated in Manzini city centre because it is the centre of the country and therefore all Swazis can reach it easily. Moreover, these protests must not end until the current government - the monarchy, yields to our demands. The support of the entire nation is crucial if this process of People Empowerment is to succeed. All are therefore invited to participate in this national­salvation.

Issued by: April 12 Uprising Committee

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