Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Traditional authorities in the Ngcina Chiefdom in Swaziland have ordered a man to close his business and leave the area because he is Asian.
The move is the latest in a number of’ ‘anti-Asian’ incidents in the kingdom where King Mswati III rules as sub-Sharan Africa’s last absolute monarch.

The man started his grocery business in September 2016, when he leased a shop from a Swazi national on Swazi Nation Land.

The Times of Swaziland reported on Monday (24 October 2016) that the man was told by locals that ‘foreigners’ were not allowed to operate businesses on such land.

Moni Matsenjwa, a Swazi national who rented out the shop, told the newspaper that businesspeople of Asian origin were operating many shops in rural areas around the Lubombo region. He saw no reason not to lease the shop to an Asian person.

Matsenjwa said he was disappointed when the authorities unanimously objected to the deal and ordered the Asian man to shut down.

He said the authorities said they did not want Asians in the area. He said his attempts to explain himself were rejected

Headman at Ngcina Chiefdom Abraham Magagula confirmed to the newspaper that traditional authorities in the area ordered the Asian businessman to shut down his business and leave the area.

Asian people have been in the spotlight since the Swazi Parliament suspended issuing entry permits to all Asian people to stop them from entering Swaziland in August 2016. 

Following that decision, a group of Asian people were evicted from their home at Mgazini and banished from the area simply because they were Asian. 

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