Wednesday, June 1, 2011


We should have guessed it. The reason the Swaziland Government is wasting E16 million (US$2 million) of Swazi people’s money per year on the bogus Limkokwing University is because it was King Mswati III’s idea.

It has emerged that the university’s founder Tan Sri Dato Lim Kok Wing had a meeting with King Mswati and ‘persuaded’ him that Swaziland needed a new university – and Limkokwing should be it.

The king fell for it: hook, line and sinker. King Mswati is Chancellor of the University of Swaziland, so you would have supposed that if he had ideas for expanding tertiary education in the kingdom he rules as sub-Saharan Africa’s last absolute monarch, he would have used that route.

Instead, the king passed on his wishes to government that Limkokwing should be supported and behold, no matter how daft the proposition, it had to find the money to make it work.

As it is, Tan Sri Dato Lim Kok Wing managed to fool the king into believing that substandard courses in such subjects as Packaging Design & Technology, Accessories Design, Games Design and Event Management would help Swaziland – a mainly agricultural society - to prosper.

The only one prospering is Tan Sri Dato Lim Kok Wing who is trousering millions a year that could be better spent supporting proper projects that would contribute to development in the kingdom, where seven in ten people live in abject poverty.

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