Tuesday, February 9, 2010


The vigil taking place at the Swaziland High Commission in the United Kingdom against violations of human rights in Swaziland is gathering support.

Leaders of the vigil have set up a website to report on developments.

In the latest posting on Sunday (7 February 2010) they report they received lots of encouragement from Swaziland, South Africa and Swaziland.

Unlike in Swaziland where police will brutally attack any demonstration for democracy, in the UK, the police made no attempt to stop the protest.

The vigil leaders report, ‘Without police barriers we stuck our banners on the front barriers of the embassy. The response from the passing public was overwhelming as they stopped to find out about the situation back home and signing our petitions.’

Staff from the High Commission even helped the protestors to set up their Swaziland flags.

Protestors are meeting every Saturday from 10am to 1pm outside the Swaziland High Commission, 20 Buckingham Gate, London.

Organizers are collecting two petitions:

A petition to the British government

Exiled Swazis and supporters urge you to put pressure on the absolute monarch King Mswati III to allow political freedom, freedom of speech, the rule of law, respect for women and affordable AIDS drugs in Swaziland.

A petition to the Commonwealth

Exiled Swazis and supporters urge you to suspend Swaziland from the Commonwealth until there is democracy and an end to human rights abuses in Swaziland.

The Vigil will continue until there is respect for human rights and democracy in Swaziland.

For more information on the vigil and its progress over the coming weeks, visit their website at http://www.swazilandvigil.co.uk/

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