Thursday, December 3, 2009


The public launch of the Swaziland Democracy Campaign has been put back following the funeral of the Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU)’s founding first Deputy President, Chris Dlamini, in Swaziland.

The coordinating team has now announced new dates.

1. 10-11 February 2010: Public launch of the Swaziland

Democracy Campaign and joint Swazi-South Africa civil society programme development workshop. The official campaign launch will take place on the 11 February 2010. The agreed workshop between organisations from Swaziland and South Africa to look at (i) an assessment of momentum on both sides of the border, (ii) the sharing of experiences of solidarity platforms from South Africa and Zimbabwe and (iii) the development of a common programme of action in support of democracy in Swaziland, will take place the day preceding the launch.

(The scenario planning element of this programme will take place early March 2010.)

2. 19 January 2010: A further South African civil society report back

meeting will be convened on the 19 January 2010 at the same venue, the offices of the South African Council of Churches. This meeting will provide an opportunity for the coordinating team to provide a report back on their work thus far and to finalise preparation for the launch, including agreeing on the draft programme of action initially developed at the first SA civil society meeting.

3. 15 December 2009: Conclusion of the Global Declaration in

support of the struggle for democracy in Swaziland. The idea for a global declaration emerged as a product of continuous engagement between organisations on both sides of the borders. The draft declaration has been concluded and will be tabled at the report back meeting of the SA chapter. and at a meeting to be convened inside Swaziland , for amendment and endorsement. Over and above individuals and organisations that have already pledged their support for the Swazi cause, further signatories are welcomed. The final, signed declaration will be published the week before the launch.

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