Monday, August 3, 2009


PUDEMO, Swaziland’s banned opposition party, is calling on the international community for support in the fight to build democracy in the kingdom.

At the 3rd External Regional Congress of PUDEMO (the People’s United Democratic Movement) yesterday (2 August 2009) participants stated, ‘We see our primary task as being that of organising Swazis outside Swaziland, largely in South Africa to fight for change and build a new and democratic Swaziland.

‘In this regard, we regard ourselves not as a separate entity, but as an integral part of PUDEMO led by our jailed President Mario Masuku.

In a statement PUDEMO said, ‘We call for all our international friends and supporters to work with us in building PUDEMO in line with the well known internationalists tradition of mutual respect between allies fighting in different terrains for the same cause, but fully recognising the leadership of those who represent the oppressed masses in Swaziland, as the key guide to how we relate to each other in carrying out the tasks of the Swazi revolution.

‘In this regard, we salute all the genuine internationalists from all over the world, who have stood by us during trying times and raised, defended and fought for the interests of Swazi people as if they were their own.’

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