Monday, June 22, 2009


Swaziland dissident Mfomfo Nkhambule, who says he is facing arrest for sedition, has raised the stakes in his fight with the Swazi state.

Writing on his blogsite today (22 June 2009), Nkhambule makes what many in the Swazi ruling elite will see as a direct attack on King Mswati III’s ability to lead Swaziland.

Nkhambule criticises King Mswati’s Government for not sticking to its constitutional obligation to provide free primary school education.

In an open letter to the king, sub- Saharan Africa’s last absolute monarch, Nkhambule says, ‘I fail to be convinced how my King could reverse a pledge that would have brought hope to so many children of his loyal subjects.’

He goes on to criticise King Mswati for ignoring the voice of the Swazi people listening only to those people he appoints to government.

‘The notion that, only those appointed by you are wise and have to do the thinking for the majority, is the biggest hurdle we are facing as a nation. It does not build this nation. It does not instil confidence and seeds of hope to your people about tomorrow and the day after. The burden of leading this country is too much for you alone and we are paying a heavy price for it with our lives.’

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