Wednesday, May 20, 2009


The life story of Swaziland democrat Mario Masuku has been written and posted on the Internet.

Masuku, the president of the banned People’s United Democratic Movement (PUDEMO) is presently held in jail in Swaziland awaiting trial on terrorism and sedition charges. He has been in a cell since November 2008 and no date has yet been set for a court case.

The life story covers from his lowly beginnings as the son of a mineworker and later a cattle guard to the present.

Masuku concludes, ‘I believe the journey must one day come to finality. I remain committed even today to walk this steep and difficult last mile to our freedom. No amount of torture, beating, murder, victimization or incarceration will hinder me from fulfilling the ultimate goal of the fundamental democratization and transformation of Swaziland. I stand by this ideal and will do so all my life. Many times I have said that nobody, yes not even I is bigger than the people’s organization!’

The life story is being hosted on various sites on the Internet. To see it click here.

Also on the internet is a Free Mario Masuku site with news and information about his present predicament. Click here.

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