Saturday, March 7, 2009


Barnbas Dlamini, Swaziland’s illegally-appointed Prime Minister, has been telling Swazi editors that he is not a minister.

That’s ‘minister’ as in political leader, not ‘minister’ as in man of the church.

Dlamini went to great length to make his case when he met Swazi media editors at their regular monthly editors’ forum this week.

I’m not too sure why he felt the need to say this, but according to a report in today’s Weekend Observer he quoted the Swazi Constitution section and sub section.

This exercised Weekend Observer editor Alec Lushaba so much he wrote at great length in his newspaper today (7 March 2009) to point out that Dlamini is indeed a minister.

Good for Lushaba, but he and Barnabas Dlamini missed a vital point.

Barnabas Dlamini is not a legitimate Prime Minister. Section 67 (i) of the constitution says ‘The King shall appoint the Prime Minister from among members of the House [of Assembly] acting upon the recommendation of the King’s Advisory Council.’

Barnabas Dlamini was not a member of the House of Assembly. He was elected by nobody. He was appointed to the House only so he could be Prime Minister.

Dlamini is not therefore legally Prime Minister.

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