Wednesday, February 4, 2009


US Ambassador to Swaziland Maurice Parker got in hot water with the Swazi Government last month (January 2009) when he said his embassy would support pressure groups campaigning for democracy in the kingdom.

To put it crudely, he was told to mind his own business by Swazi Foreign Minister Lufto Dlamini.

I doubt very much that we’ve heard the last from Ambassador Parker or his American colleagues.

He has clearly unsettled the non-democratic regime in Swaziland and this window display at the US information centre library in Mbabane, the capital of Swaziland, won’t make them any happier.

I haven’t seen Lufto Dlamini’s library card so I can’t report that he was among the first people to check out the two books on display (Democracy, The Right to Strike).

Picture source: The Language Business

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