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Princess Sikhanyiso of Swaziland is trying to forge a career in acting, modelling and rap music.

To this end she has set up a website where – for a fee – people can download her latest recordings.

The princess, aged 21, who likes to be called Pashu, is the eldest daughter of King Mswati III and in the past she has courted controversy for her extravagant lifestyle and ‘rebel’ qualities.

Pashu, who is a student at Biola University, Los Angeles California, US, is also studying acting and modelling with Laimarie Serrano.

Her latest venture is to put some of her songs on the reverbnation website. They are also available on her Facebook site (click here) and at Bebo (click here).

According to her profile on the reverbnation website, ‘Pashu is a talented Swazi rapper who also happens to be a princess.´

It goes on, ‘She is often called a rebel, but nowhere will you find such a patriot.’

I don’t know if Pashu wrote the profile herself or if it was written on her behalf, but until she tells me otherwise I must assume that she agrees with what her profile says.

Her comments about Swaziland will almost certainly cause offence to many of her father’s subjects.

It includes a long critique of the documentary Without The King, in which she featured prominently. The documentary contrasted the lives of the Swazi Royal Family and ordinary people in the kingdom. About 70 percent of the one million population live in abject poverty earning less than one US dollar a day, while King Mswati III has a wealth estimated at 200 million US dollars (about E1.4 billion).

Swaziland has the highest rate of HIV infection in the world and last year 600,000 people relied on international food aid to fend off starvation.

On the reverbnation website, she says Without The King was ‘sponsored by self-dubbed “progressives” in alliance with murderous South African regressives, they sought to create a political instability in the Kingdom.’

She also says, ‘Between late August and early September 2008, because the king’s wives went on an announced trip to Asia before the 40/40 Celebrations marking 40 years of Independence and the King’s Birthday, the opportunists manipulated the Swazis into tolerating their marches [protesting at the celebration]

‘This time; however, criminals from South Africa came in several buses into Swaziland, bringing in bombs and rifles and a hostile spirit that evoked them the passion to physically harm innocent Swazi citizens who chose to abstain from the strike and attempt to work in peace.’

She concludes, ‘Despite zealous efforts of the progressives - through huge sponsorship of media houses - to disdain the monarch for the shortcomings of the Swazi government, the Swazi people remain in love and with increased allegiance for the King, as they see his love for them.’

Meanwhile, there is evidence that the princess may have hired a public relations firm to improve her image. (Her father already has at least two PR firms working for him.)

An Australian website called All News Web, published a report about her rapping career. The website included a professionally taken (and doctored) glamour photograph of the princess. The same photograph also appears on the reverbnation website.

In its report All News Web says of the princess, ‘She is beautiful, talented, intelligent and has carved a successful career for herself in music.’

It goes on, ‘She has become well known in her field and her deep rhythmic voice in demand. She has recorded with some of America’s top rap artists.’

According to the website, ‘Associates of the princess claim that all this frantic activity is not about herself. “She wants to be in a position to make changes, to do something to help the poorer people within her nation, this is what motivates her”, notes one Swazi associate. Indeed Pashu spends much of her time visiting orphanages in her AIDS ravaged homeland. “The children are what drives the princess: to see them live better lives.”

‘What about democracy? “Pashu is so loyal to her father and loves him dearly; she would never challenge his authority despite her rebellious image.” The associate noted “But with the Princess anything is possible, she is such a powerful and strong young woman, who knows what she will achieve in the future. She is not just physically beautiful, she has a beautiful soul”’.

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