Monday, December 21, 2020

Tougher coronavirus restrictions in Swaziland as cases increase

The Swaziland (eSwatini) Government has announced further restrictions to combat the coronavirus crisis ahead of the holiday season.


Deputy Prime Minister Themba Masuku said the number of positive cases was increasing across the kingdom but especially in the capital city Mbabane. 


He said in a statement, ‘It has become quite clear that travelling and gatherings are the leading drivers of COVID-19 [coronavirus] in the country.’ He said new regulations would start immediately and continue until 6 January 2021.


People will not be allowed to consume liquor at a gathering, including a family gathering of more than 20 people. A gathering shall not take place after 8pm. Night vigils and cross–over events or parties are prohibited. Non-essential travelling between 11pm and 4 am is prohibited. A restaurant or food outlet operator shall not sell or serve liquor to diners after 7pm. Festive season sports tournaments are prohibited. 


Masuku said, ‘In response to the increased number of cases around Mbabane, Government will embark on a COVID-19 door to door screening and testing exercise around the Mbabane city and residential areas. This intensified case finding will be carried out in the next two weeks as part of efforts to break the transmission in identified hotspots.’


The number of deaths from coronavirus in Swaziland is increasing. As of 20 December 2020 there had been 7,427 people testing positive and 140 deaths, according to official Swazi Ministry of Health figures.


The Swazi Prime Minister Ambrose Dlamini died after testing positive for coronavirus in 12 December.


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