Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Some Swaziland schools to remain shut amid fear of coronavirus surge

The Swaziland (eSwatini) Prime Minister Ambrose Dlamini has announced that some schools in the kingdom will continue to remain closed until at least January 2021 amid fears that there could be a new surge in coronavirus cases.


Dlamini in a statement said, ‘Health experts have warned us that we are in danger of experiencing another upsurge of cases over the festive season if we do not take heed of the COVID-19 [coronavirus] health prevention protocols.’ 


He added, ‘As we relax the restrictions on travelling across borders, we anticipate an influx of people travelling into and out of the kingdom. This has a further potential of increasing the numbers of cases if measures to control the pandemic are ignored.’ 


He encouraged people to travel only when necessary.


He said although classes for senior schoolchildren had reopened in July after ‘close monitoring of situations in schools and data from the Ministry of Health’ the Swazi Government decided not to open other class levels until January 2021. 


Last week Dlamini announced easing of restrictions on some sports and arts events but there had been ‘a mushrooming of unpermitted entertainment activities in various venues over the past few weeks’.


He said, ‘We wish to strongly caution all who have been involved in such and warn them that law enforcement agencies have been advised to bring to book all who will be found to host any entertainment activity without the due clearance.’


He also announced the sale of alcohol would once more be permitted from 26 October 2020 for home use only.


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