Monday, July 8, 2019

Swaziland police deny they shot woman with a stray bullet at music concert

A nineteen-year-old woman was shot and hospitalised after Swaziland riot police opened fired during a disturbance at a music concert.

The bullet lodged close to her heart and she had to be transferred to hospital in South Africa because local medics did not have the expertise to treat her.

It happened at the Epic Gig at Mavuso Trade Centre, Manzini.

The Swazi Observer reported hooligans threw bottles to the stage and vandalised property after lights went off on stage. ‘This forced police to call for the riot squad, which came fully armed with riot gear, including teargas canisters and rubber bullets,’ the newspaper reported.

‘Police tried to disperse the crowd using rubber bullets and teargas canisters. At that moment some people were injured by the rubber bullets.’ 

The woman was hit by a bullet from live ammunition.

The Observer on Saturday later reported, ‘The parents of the young girl have been left with so many unanswered questions on what happened to their daughter as they alleged that the police have not briefed them about the incident. Unconfirmed reports were that the teen had been shot by the police during the skirmish.’

Police denied that the bullet was fired by one of their officers, but an independent investigation has not taken place.

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