Saturday, September 8, 2018

Swaziland Police Block Protest March Against Election Vote-Rigging

Police in Swaziland blocked people from marching in protest about vote-rigging at the recent election.

They said they did not have permission to march.

It happened near the Madlenya Royal Kraal in Siphofaneni on Thursday (6 September 2018). They had planned to march and deliver a petition to Siphofaneni Police Station.

They wanted to complain both to the Elections and Boundaries Commission that runs the election and also to the police. They said people were transported from outside the area to vote at the first round of the election (known as the Primary Election) on 24 August 2018.

Police said they needed permission to march on a public road from the Ministry of Public Works and Transport, the Swazi Observer reported.

There have been many allegations across Swaziland (recently renamed Eswatini by the kingdom’s absolute monarch King Mswati III) of vote rigging and other malpractice.

It is common for protest marches to be banned in Swaziland which is recognised across the world as a kingdom with severe human rights issues.

People go to the polls for the final round of elections (the Secondary Election) on 21 September 2018.  People only elect 59 of the members of the House of Assembly; the King appoints a further ten. None of the 30-member Senate are elected by the people. None of the 30 members of the Swazi Senate are elected by the people.

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