Sunday, April 15, 2018


Some church leaders in Swaziland abuse their female congregants, a workshop in the kingdom was told.

They take advantage of young girls and women and devise ways of making them ‘fall for them’. They also commit adultery.

A police officer also told pastors they behaved like ‘monsters’ and beat up their wives.

Pastor Joseph Mazibela Dlamini told a dialogue facilitated by the Shiselweni Crime Prevention unit and Nhlangano AIDS Training and Counselling Centre (NATICC) at Bethesda Church that some pastors, ‘were doing wayward things in the name of being leaders’. 

The Swazi Observer reported on Wednesday (11 April 2018), he said, ‘There are some of us who take advantage of the situation of our church members and abuse them.’

The newspaper said, ‘Dlamini said there were church leaders who after noticing a needy member, would come forward and pretend to save that member when in actual fact, they had hidden agendas.’

It quoted him saying, ‘We abuse our members in particular the females. There are some of us who are failed by our flesh and when we notice a needy female, we pretend to be there for her when we know very well that we expect that woman to offer herself to us. 

‘There are situations where young girls in our churches look desperate and then a pastor would think of a plan to make her fall for him. They approach these women and buy them clothing and all that. We commit adultery with our members taking advantage of the situation they are facing.’

Another speaker, Pastor Jabulani Sikhondze, said church leaders were custodians of the gospel and should live a clean life. The Observer reported, ‘He said it was worrying that these days that church leaders were implicated in scandals with others even ending up in courts.’

At the same meeting Inspector Fanyana Dlamini, who is in charge of the Domestic Violence and Child Protection in the Shiselweni region, told the pastors, ‘Some of you are monsters. There are those of you who are wife bashers in our midst.’

The Swazi Observer reported on Tuesday (10 April 2018) she said ‘Some of you take to the pulpit knowing very well that they do not live the life they preach to the congregants. We have dealt with several cases of church leaders who abuse their wives in different forms. We have attended to cases touching on church leaders who are of double standards. Some of you are also molesters with the victims being members of the church.’

Fanyana Dlamini also told the meeting that the the Shiselweni Domestic Violence and Child Protection department had attended to 1,025 cases of abuse in just a year. These included sexual, emotional and financial abuse. 

Dlamini said, ‘Some of those implicated were church leaders. As a department, we often attend to cases where the pastor is the culprit.’

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