Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Residents in Swaziland allegedly killed an elderly woman because she was a witch, a local newspaper has reported.

They enlisted a prophet to seek out the woman, the Swazi Observer reported on Friday (23 June 2017)

It happened at Sithobelweni where the woman reportedly had been ‘roaming around their homesteads and bewitching them’.

The Observer reported, ‘An elderly woman married to one of the residents was eventually killed after being fingered by a prophet who was hired by the community to root out the witchcraft practices in the area.’ She was named as Philphinah Mamba.

A case of murder is being heard before High Court Judge Sipho Nkosi.

The newspaper reported, ‘Giving evidence under oath, Sicelo [Mamba] told the court that the community was having a problem with a woman who would be spotted in the odd hours of the night moving around people’s homesteads naked and this was reported to the Royal kraal. 

‘Sicelo said following various incidents where the woman was spotted, the Inner Council convened a meeting where hundreds of residents were in attendance and deliberated on the matter. 

‘At least three meetings in connection with the witchcraft, according to Sicelo were held and it was in the last meeting that they resolved to seek the services of a prophet who would assist them in fingering the witch giving them sleepless night.’

The Inner Council ordered that each homestead owner pay a sum of E50 (about US$4) as contribution towards payment of the services of a prophet called Boy Sithole. The woman was taken before a crowd of residents where she admitted to witchcraft, the newspaper reported.

The newspaper reported, ‘At this point, people insisted that a declaration be made with everyone signing next to their names to the effect that the witch be killed.’

She was later stabbed three times in the chest at her home.

The court case continues.

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