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Swazi Diaspora Platform


28 September 2011

Invitation: Launch of the Swazi Diaspora Platform

The interim committee would like to invite all Swazis living outside Swaziland to the formal launch of The Swazi Diaspora Platform (SDP).

The SDP was born of the genuine desire to respond to issues in Swaziland as a means to assist development by all Swazis based outside Swaziland. The aim is to have a space for reflection, engagement and open dialogue about the situation in Swaziland at all times.

The SDP shall coordinate efforts by Swazis in the Diaspora and others who would appreciate to share ideas relating to the grave situation in Swaziland and what needs to be done, including defining specific roles that can be assumed by the Diaspora community.

The launch theme is “The Role of the Diaspora and how it relates to other Human Rights and Political Organisations – Comparative International Experiences,” will take place as follows:

Date: 08 October 2011

Venue: Torque House , 5 Mellis avenue, Mellis Park, Rivonia, Johannesburg

Time: 09h00

Speaker: Prof Shadrack Gutto

Professor Shadrack Gutto – Is an international renowned scholar, analyst, writer, consultant and activist on Law, Human Rights and African Development. He is currently based at University of South Africa (UNISA) Centre for African Renaissance Studies. Importantly, he has extensive experience with assisting many Diaspora forums, including the Kenyan Diaspora, which is his home country.

The main agenda item for the day is the election of office bearers into the Swazi Diaspora Platform. So if you are or know a Swazi who is passionate about getting Swazis together to discuss issues and the role the diaspora can play in response to the current crisis in Swaziland, please attend and be available for election into office.

Also very important is that the principles and objectives of the Diaspora will be presented for discussion and adoption.

For more information please contact:

Ntombenhle Khathwane - +27 72 327 6497; swazidiaspora@gmail.com

Siphosenkosi Dlamini - +27 84 359 3030; swazidiaspora@gmail.com

Twitter handle: @swazidiaspora

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