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10 October 2011


Mswati’s thinly veiled confession

Swaziland’s absolute monarch, Mswati III, on Saturday (9 October 2011) told graduating students at the University of Swaziland that Swaziland’s economic woes were man-made. This was a marked departure from the official line adopted by most of his henchmen who claim that the country’s economic crisis is a direct result of the global economic recession.

Where his speech became particularly interesting is when he urged the nation not to pinpoint the culprit responsible for the country’s woes, which was not surprising because the average Swazi knows that the king is the number one culprit in this man-made disaster.

His contribution to the country’s ailing economy is both political and economic. As the unchallenged decision maker in the country, he has failed to provide the leadership that is required to enable the country to be economically prosperous. He has chosen to focus his energy on stifling dissent while rewarding his corrupt sycophants and cronies.

Economically he remains the biggest financial drain to the country as he and his family continues to spend the country’s resources lavishly in the midst of abject poverty.

To illustrate his priorities, it has been reported by the Times of Swaziland that Swaziland has refused to sign the agreement for the R2.4 billion loan from South Africa simply because it demands that the country should embrace democracy. The Swazi government has therefore decided to seek alternative sources for the much needed bailout.

Mswati needs to stop beating about the bush and telling fairy tales to the nation. Not only must he admit to being the prime culprit in the country’s woes, he must abdicate in favour of a democratic republic.

Issued by the Swaziland Solidarity Network [SSN]

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