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Swaziland Youth Congress (SWAYOCO)


3 October 2011

As announced the previous week that the Swaziland youth congress (SWAYOCO) was geared to celebrate its 20th anniversary at Msunduza location, the nonsensical, cannibalistic, feudalistic and oppressive tinkhundla regime responded by making it clear that such would not happen.

They put it on paper that our rights to freedom of assembly, freedom of speech were to be denied, through their spin doctor in the name of Macanjana Motsa. Police were deployed in every corner of the densely populated Msunduza location, resolutely armed to the teeth. They would constantly move around the community in attempt to intimidate us! Two of our members, in the Lubombo region were detained hours before the rally whilst others were detained and harassed in the Manzini region.

However, the vibrant and militant youth of this country made it clear that the rally was to take off,and be peaceful, despite the intimidation and harassment from the police.

We also made it crystal clear that, should anyone dare to interrupt us and provoke our peaceful celebration, we would respond. The arrogance of the diabolic tinkhundla regime resulted in the police provoking and interrupting our peaceful revolutionary activity and as we had promised we responded. The police provoked us approximately after an hour into the rally.

They fired tear gas and mustard gas in order to disperse us. Rubber bullets were also fired whilst some members of the community were brutalized by the state sponsored criminals and assassins masquerading as police. Many members of the community whose houses were deliberately bombarded with mustard and tear gas nearly choked to death. They were rushed to hospitals; thanks to our members whose profession is nursing otherwise the tinkhundla regime would have killed many a people-a game which they had mastered since the barbaric king’s proclamation of April 12, 1973.

When SWAYOCO responded the police tried fighting back but could not stand the revolutionary and matter of fact attiude displayed by the youth hence they took to the heels. It was refreshing to see these bloody murderers failing to taste their own medicine. After a daylong of wasting the tax payer’s hard earned resources, the police could not stand the wrath of the oppressed youth of our country. They ran for cover, certainly much to the chagrin of their boss who is surplus to retirement!

After the police were embarrassed and outsmarted and as well as engaged, the celebration continued peacefully. This is an indication that SWAYOCO is not an organization of rascals and anarchists but a vibrant and militant youth organization committed to the full emancipation of the Swazis against the greedy dominance of the parasitic royal family and their cronies. Our revolutionary discipline and level of sacrifice in as far as defending the interest of the Swazis puts us heads and shoulders above the rest!

We had celebrated the gallant heroes that had been produced by SWAYOCO since its formation twenty years ago, from our founding president comrade Didiza Tsabedze to the late comrade Sipho Jele who was brutally hanged by mswati’s henchmen in the form of police officers whose love for blood is beyond everything else. Our fallen heroes and living revolutionaries had been celebrated and we say that whoever contributed to the murder of our members such as comrade Ntokozo Ngozo and many others after and before him will one day answer on their atrocious acts. The struggle for the total democratization of the country has just begun. The youth of Swaziland is ready to donate with their last drops of blood to defend this, the land of their forefathers until finally victory!

The commissioner of police should stop as a matter of urgency to turn the police force against innocent bona fide citizens of Swaziland and we challenge him to always lead his battalion for we are ready to revolutionaries his thinking capacity into that of a caring and loving citizen.

Tinkhundla should brace itself for more peaceful rallies in the country from SWAYOCO as we are committed and disciplined to fight until the bitter end!

We would like to clarify that it was an incorrect estimation on the part of Sunday Times reporter that the youth was around 20. Records on that revolutionary day points at more than 100 SWAYOCO cadres who participated in the rally and we know for sure that these were the cream of the Swazi revolutionaries! We also condemn in the strongest terms possible the acts of the police to go around burning tyres and blocking roads with huge stones and then points to our members.

The police should not be doing such as they had always called themselves ‘a disciplined force’.

SWAYOCO could not have watched while the police were menacing and polluting the environment of such a revolutionary organized community where our parents, friends and relatives are subjected to live under shear abject poverty.

We declare our celebration a success!!!

Viva SWAYOCO viva!!

Viva PUDEMO viva!!

Away with the oppressive tinkhundla away!!!

Issued by SWAYOCO secretariat!

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