Friday, September 9, 2011


South African Transport and Allied Workers Union (SATAWU)


8 September 2011


SATAWU supports the Global Week of Action

The South African Transport and Allied Workers Union (SATAWU) supports the mass action currently undertaken by Swaziland’ s democratic forces and supported by the working class and democratic forces worldwide.

The Global Week of Action could not have been better timed given the treacherous life-line support the South African government has just extended to the reactionary Tinkhundla regime. Unleashing violence on peaceful demonstrators will not help Mswati’s dictatorship.

Perhaps, this comical absolute Monarch, the chief representative of political reaction and backwardness in Southern Africa, should take a leaf out of the ill-fated reign of his erstwhile elder brother-dictators up North.

Desperate attempts at clinging to power even when the writing is so clearly on the wall can only serve to strengthen the resolve of the masses in Swaziland to redouble their efforts towards finally throwing the Tinkhundla system into the dustbin of history and establish democracy in the country.

As part of the international solidarity movement SATAWU will continue to play its part in assisting bring closer the day of liberation, freedom and democracy in Swaziland.

The further advance of South Africa’s liberation depends on, among others, the liberation of Swaziland. Therefore, the victory of the democratic forces over the Mswati regime and Tinkhundla system is a goal we are actively assisting to achieve. The intensification of the revolutionary struggle in Swaziland demands even more support from the masses in South Africa.

Not only must we increase our political and material support to the fighting mass organisations in Swaziland, it is, in a sense, even more important that we wage a relentless struggle against support for the Mswati regime on the part of the South African government. Strengthening the Swaziland Democracy Campaign (SDC) and the entire solidarity movement is one of the key tasks, presently.

Let us double and triple the numbers at the Closing Rally in Mbabane tomorrow!

Down with the bail-out!

Long live working class internationalism!

Down with the Mswati-Tinkhundla regime!

Forward with mass action!

Forward to freedom and democracy in Swaziland!

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