Tuesday, September 6, 2011


South African Students Congress (SASCO)


6 September 2011


Democracy in Swaziland now

We congratulate the Swati working class for coming out in numbers protesting against the unwanted regime. It pains us that the Monarchy rather than care for the development of Swaziland has turned this beautiful country into a land of tyranny, corruption and looting. The less said about the King himself the better.

The brutal murder, torture and arrest of revolutionaries in Swaziland needs to stop. The stench of fear that has engulfed that beautiful land over the past years needs to stop. It is within this context that we do not only salute but admire the working class that has braved police batons and come out to say no more.

We admire the bravery of the Swati working class precisely because we are ashamed of our own government which went ahead and granted a loan to an illegitimate government. Rather than relent until there is democracy to release these funds our government found nothing wrong to fatten the Royal goose. We apologise to the Swati people for the blunders of our government, they are not the first, the Gautrain and the building of rather useless stadiums is one of many.

We call on the Swati working class to remain vigilant and ensure that any democracy that is achieved in Swaziland now, or in the near future does not become like that of our own where the working class achieves political freedom but leaves the economic jewel in the hands of chattering classes. Socialism is the only solution to the problems that beset the working class all over the world and Swaziland is no exception.

For our part, we have continued to be a safe haven for Swati revolutionaries in exile who have joined our ranks and have made an immense contribution in the life of our movement whilst keeping abreast with the struggle in Swaziland: we will continue with this. We will also do all in our capacity to support and participate in these struggles for democracy in Swaziland.

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