Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Peoples United Democratic Movement (PUDEMO)


6 September 2011


Update on the Global week of Action

The world should be encouraged to receive the news that Swazis under their umbrella {SUDF} body kicked off the Global week of action in the most encouraging tone. This was evident in that well over 2,000 people defiantly marched in the streets of Mbabane the capital City.

This is yet another attempt to raise their call for the:

1. Unbanning of political parties

2. Release of all political prisoners

3. Return of well over 500 exiles

4. Removal of the parasitic , inherently corrupt yet oppressive Tikhundla Royal regime

5. Call for Genuine dialogue towards democratic Transition, not the Smart partnership nor puppet talks

The spirit displayed throughout the march left everyone with one message; the progressive forces in Swaziland are getting more united and resolute on their demand for Multi Party. The burning of Lihhiya {kanga} with Mswati`s Face was a clear signal of the people`s anger towards the Monarchy being an impediment to their freedom.

PUDEMO therefore wishes to advise the King as well as all hangers on that” Democracy is an idea whose time has come and can never be stopped” as once stated by President Mario Masuku .The world must also support the democratic forces of Swaziland under SUDF {Swaziland United Democratic Front} in all means available to bring down the last ABSOLUTE Monarchy in the world. We furthermore welcome the continued solidarity by progressive partners in the world in the call to isolate this backward feudal demagogue and help Swazis to open a new page in their lives. We also wish to commend the campaigns wing of the SUDF, the SDC for coordinating this work in 20 different countries.

This remains the primary work of PUDEMO and Swayoco, we continue to pledge our unreserved commitment to this revolutionary task. These activities live us inspired and determined to fight side by side with the oppressed people of our country.

Today the action continues in Manzini the economic hub of Swaziland and we promise to triple the numbers to an even stronger force than yesterdays. Let all democracy loving people of the world stand with us in this hour of utmost need!!!!!!!!!

Skhumbuzo Phakathi
Secretary General

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