Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU)


7 September 2011


COSATU condemns arrest and deportation of 2nd Deputy President – Zingiswa Losi

COSATU condemns in the strongest possible terms the brutal crackdown on peaceful protests in Swaziland. The dictatorial Swazi regime unleashed violence on peaceful protests marking the Global Week of Action on Swaziland organized by the Swaziland Democracy Campaign (SDC) in the different regions of the country.

COSATU appalled by the barbaric behavior of the Swazi security forces who continue to display utter contempt for the rights of the Swazi people to freely assemble and express their grievances about the state of affairs in their country. What is more worrying is that these protests are perfectly legal as they have been sanctioned by the courts in Swaziland.

The leadership of the trade unions, PUDEMO and civil society has been subjected to unmatched violence from the Swazi armed forces. The regime has also meted out violence against youth and students who are calling for the democratization of Swaziland.

In the regional Town of Siteki, a large assembly of youth, students, workers and the unemployed in Swaziland was violently disrupted by the armed forced when they sought to prevent COSATU 2nd Deputy President Zingiswa Losi from addressing the crowds.

In its desperate attempt to stave off mass resistance, the Swazi regime resorted to ruthlessly attacking activists, including those from international solidarity groups.

The Swazi regime has also captured and deported COSATU 2nd Deputy President, Zingiswa Losi and COSATU Deputy International Secretary, Zanele Matebula.

We condemn these actions in the strongest possible terms and call on the Swazi people to remain stern in their determination to chart a democratic path for their country.

COSATU fully supports and pledges its support to the people of Swaziland and their struggle for democracy and freedom.

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