Monday, September 5, 2011


Chemical, Energy, Paper, Printing, Wood and Allied Workers Union (CEPPWAWU), South Africa


5 September 2011

CEPPWAWU Supports the workers of Swaziland

The Chemical, Energy, Paper, Printing, Wood and Allied Workers Union-CEPPWAWU add its voice to support the activities taking place in Swaziland under the auspices of the Swaziland United Democratic Front and the liberation movement.

The 2nd Global Week of Action on Swaziland is an opportunity for activist around the world to demonstrate their hatred for dictatorships, oppression, women abuse, child abuse and abuse of people’s culture. It must be an opportunity to demonstrate human solidarity and compassion. It is an opportunity for internationalists to exercise that noble practice of feeling the pains and sufferings of other peoples elsewhere.

The SDC gave a moving address to the delegates of our congress during the international solidarity evening session; which once again clarified to us that the situation in Swaziland calls for serious interventions. Emerging out of our 4th National Congress which was held from 30August-2 September in Durban, congress fully supported the call for democratisation in Swaziland with our declaration in part stating that, “Congress also notes the suffering of the people of other countries such as Somalia, Western Sahara, Cuba, Palestine, Swaziland and Burma to mention but a few. Congress has instructed the new leadership to ensure that all the resolutions taken in this congress are implemented without exception.”

CEPPWAWU will intensify its support for the democratic forces of Swaziland as led by PUDEMO. We will continue to work with our allies in the trade union movement and be part of programmes planned and led by our federation COSATU on the Swazi issue.

Our demands are echoes of the demands of the people of Swaziland which are:

Unban PUDEMO and ALL other political parties

Unconditional return of all political exiles

Unconditional release of all political prisoners who include the president of the youth wing of PUDEMO

A democratically constituted national convention

Democratic elections

We call on the Swaziland Democracy Campaign to escalate its global activities and on our part we will lobby our partners across the world to play a part.

Issued by International Department of CEPPWAWU

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