Monday, September 5, 2011


5 September 2011


Africa Contact in Denmark sends its warm greetings of solidarity to the participants of the Global Week of Action.

Swaziland is at a crossroads. The total collapse of the current regime is obvious to all. Swaziland's economic crisis is the responsibility of the regime itself. Corruption and a life lived in luxury for a small elite will now be paid for by Swaziland's students, workers, small farmers, HIV-infected people, pensioners and the poor.

It is therefore good to see how broad a section of the population, the
struggle for democracy in Swaziland now entails, and how the population at large is increasingly willing to stand up and demand democracy and socio-economic justice.

Here in Denmark, the Global Week of Action will be marked by several activities. At the two main universities in Denmark, the students will assemble to demand that student leader Maxwell Dlamini is released and that a unity government be established to pave the way for democratic elections and a new democratic constitution.

We at Africa Contact, for our part, also demand a free and democratic Swaziland and we can see that this goal is now within reach. We also demand that an interim government be formed where everyone is represented. This constitution will pave the way for a new democratic constitution, with equal political rights for all, and must therefore be designed to secure the social and economic rights of all Swazi's, and do away with nepotism and corruption.

Finally, we demand the immediate and unconditional release of all political prisoners, and the prosecution of those responsible for abuse and torture of democracy campaigners in Swaziland.

Viva, the struggling people of Swaziland. Viva.

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