Monday, August 22, 2011


Swazi Observer

22 August 2011


March is on tomorrow – SNAT

THE Civil Society is expected to march tomorrow (23 August 2011) over the judicial crisis as well as the closure of the University of Swaziland.

Swaziland National Association of Teachers (SNAT) Secretary General Muzi Mhlanga said this decision was taken in a recent meeting.

He stated that they wanted the judicial crisis to be sorted out soon because it was frustrating Swazi citizens.

“There are teachers who have not been able to register for their programmes at the University of Swaziland under government’s in-service training,. That is another thing we would be marching against,” said the secretary general.

Recently, SNAT reported that about 150 teachers would not enrol at UNISWA because of the current financial crisis.

Government declared the porgramme closed.

The country is currently battling with financial crisis and government has had to stop major projects to try and normalise the situation.

Courts have been stalled recently as lawyers downed their tools demanding that Chief Justice Michael Ramodibedi steps down.

They are complaining about his leadership skills. The chief justice recently suspended Judge Thomas Masuku

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